Articles about Manchester and the Trafford Centre Shopping Centre

Below are a selection of articles about Manchester and the Trafford Centre Shopping Centre that we hope you find interesting.

Famous People from Manchester
There are many people from the world of television, music and sports that come from Manchester. A lot of us would have seen these famous faces either on the television or on the sporting fields in the Northwest....
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Trafford Centre Interesting Facts
The Trafford Shopping Centre has been part of the Manchester area for over twenty years now and here is some interesting facts about it that you may not know...
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Gold and Silver
All gold and silver sold made in UK today should have a hallmark stamp when sold. These markings are to show the purity of karat of Gold or Silver and the assay office where the hallmark was registered. You may find a letter to indicate the year it was manufactured or made and a makers mark from the craftsman who designed and made the ring. Not all jewellery sold in the UK is made in the UK...
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